Introduction to Collaborative Practice
Anne Towey's absolute commitment to collaborative practice
Collaborative and the Mainstream Media
What is collaborative practice really about?
Questions to consider before deciding how you will obtain your divorce
Regaining control in the midst of divorce
Collaborative practice groups; local, national and international


My Absolute Commitment to the Collaborative Process

I used to be a litigator- a trial lawyer. The destructive nature of litigation both to the participants and the community at large is no secret. No matter what you think of the various proposals regarding tort reform and other hotly debated issues, it cannot be denied that litigation is hard on all involved. It has been written about by many. For example:

"Discourage litigation. Persuade neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often the real loser in fees, expenses, and a waste of time.Ē

-Abraham Lincoln

ďBecoming involved in a lawsuit is like Ďbeing ground to bits in a slow mill; itís being roasted at a slow fire; itís being stung to death by a single bee; itís being drowned by drops; itís going mad by grains.í Hundreds and hundreds of people are exposed to such torture each year, some of them actually choosing to initiate the process. They invariably find the experience painful, protracted, and expensive. Yet there remains a queue of victims impatient for their turn..."

-Charles Dickens, Bleak House, 1853

I decided to abandon my successful litigation practice at a large and respected litigation law firm and focus only on the types of attorney practices that I believe actually help my clients achieve their true needs.  

Initially, this was in the form of an adoption practice to help families grow. Once I discovered that Collaborative Practice provides many of the answers to the problems I left with my litigation background, I have devoted myself to the process. I have taken each Collaborative Practice training session in Minnesota since I learned of the concept, and have traveled as far as Stevens Point Wisconsin and Atlanta Georgia to obtain additional training. Because of my intention to continue training in this area and to expand the training so that practitioners have a wider variety of choices here in Minnesota , I am now a member of the Training Committee for the Collaborative Law Institute, Minnesota .

Because I believe so strongly in the process, and recognize it has been until recently an unfortunately - albeit functionally - well kept secret, I devote a substantial amount of my time in getting the word out regarding the Collaborative Process. I provide up to a two hour initial consultation when you make a charitable donation to a child focused non-profit agency.  I ask that you read the information on this and related and referenced sites so that when we meet you are more familiar with the concepts and terminology so we can spend the time focusing on the issues that are important to you. Only you can make the decision as to which process you will use to obtain your divorce. I will help you understand the various process options so that you may make an informed decision.

While I favor Collaborative Practice and no longer engage in litigation, I know many lawyers who do litigate family law matters. If after meeting with me to learn about the collaborative process that you prefer the idea of litigation, or if you consider yourself to not be a candidate for the Collaborative Process for any reason, I am happy to assist you in locating an attorney who does handle divorce litigation.

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